Saturday, September 29, 2007

What Your Favorite Color White Says About You:

Naive --- Innocent ---Neutral

Shy --- Serious --- Stubborn

Ethical --- Honest --- Self-Important

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

8:53 AM autumn stars*

I'm having quite a bad appetite lately...

i'm missing u. alot.

Today went to BCC with lii:) Studied for Geo.. Then realised i've gt quite a few stuffs yet to finish..
1. Chem p2
2. EL paper


gna do chem lata... after e rev., i feel much confident bout chem.. except my speed is still very slow.. i guess i gta b more confident and oso do more practice too.. Conceptual learning chem guide book is good..

i listen to 91.3 lesser recently... i dun noe why... and my appetite is poor.. i think my diet is somewhat irregular..

But these songs i love too..
1. Umbrella
2. Jenny

u noe wad? im strucked with temporary short term memory. I cant remb e two..
OmG. i watched e 'SAJC contemporary dance on youtube.. my hair almost all drop out... so much goose bumps. esp. e final part. one word WOW.

VJC's oso sUpeRB. CONTEMP DANCE! i wna learn!

btw i bought a book... English Broken as It Is... it's nice:)


my eyes painful.. gd nite!~

7:32 AM autumn stars*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so CUTE!!! (baby staring at mummy~..)

cute advertisement trying to persuade ppl not to do illegal stuffs online..

b4 being squashed by gan......


our snailllll.......................
LOHED!(muahaha XP)

haha~ hanging dry....... (upside down moriji!)
haha.... o0ps. can see my leg too..


8:32 AM autumn stars*

gosh.i haven't blogged for THREE whole days! Miss blogging s0o much~ Have been studying chem for e past few days:) gd harvest... conceptual learning guide book is GREAT. learnt alot from it.. and do congratulate me for FINALLY knowing how to write ionic equations. Yes. i finallY noe how to do ionic eqns. it's Super Late. But i believe, not t00 late:)

for e next 12 days, will b focusing on humans. :)

Anw. i jus washed lil moriji orange carrot. haha... amy says it's dirty.. i think so too.. so it'll be clean tml~

haha... upbove are few cutey pics for u to see... jus for fun:D

nitez~! JIAYOU!

8:23 AM autumn stars*

Sunday, September 23, 2007
such sweetness.

Our class:DD

White pretty flowers:D my love.

lil red rose:)

soft lil sunset yet with such unimaginable power and strength.. (front of rabbit's hut:))

rainbow~~ so sweet yea? i seriously love it..

in front of my house.. sunset....

behind my house:) it should be dawn..

boonie copyrighted. haha..

6:46 AM autumn stars*

i so like these two songs! : Umbrella by Rihanna and Jenny by Click Five

They are just SUPERB!

i cant find e.g.s for fairness and pragmatism! have to rewrite essay. and i was half slacking half searching. zzz. listening to e musics and just now watched a few slam dunks.. oya! still have to find articles on e latest CPF news.. b4 mrs ess screams. :(


shall go muggin.


6:30 AM autumn stars*

Friday, September 21, 2007
Today no remedial~ yay! was rather happy:) Trip was nice.. except towards e end of e journey, my headache came bck and smacked mi hard.


12:30 AM autumn stars*

Thursday, September 20, 2007
im kinda in love with 91.3:)
anw. i just finished organic chem... gt quite a few qs... must clarify tml...
wish we got more time for self- studying rather than pathetically 10 days... but no pt saying tt right? shall use e 10 precious days carefully and fully.. went to priscilla's blog... is she fr mf? i remb. a priscilla whom i frequently see at e same bus stop next to bishanpark.. she's nice:) but sme ppl spam her tagboard... -vely.. sadded to c tt.. anw i dun really noe her... so decided not to tag... hmm..

just realise tt msg fr him was e lyrics from linkin park's song.. shall not mention who.. too lame.. :P

still listening to 91.3.... e dj is super fun la~ :)

ok... shall go zzZ...

jiayou ppl!~:D

P.S. To seven: wow... tt entry is great motivation~ shall work hard!!!! all e best~!

9:33 AM autumn stars*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
hellos... so im bck~:)
haven eat dinner... beloved kimmy told me to check my blog... lol... i flooded hers bck.. haha:P
anw im gna plan a time table here... but i haven eat my dinner... brocolli and mushrooms and fries!!!!! AHHH so nice!!!!!! shall go eat first!



BACK! haha... it's DELICIOUS!

i felt abit fat on my tummy just now... (pls dun kill me.. i really felt abit..) but nonetheless.. im gna eat raspberry ice cream later~ :P

anw., bck to e main thng... a Time- Table:)

alright here's a list of Chem and Phy and Amaths, humans and Emaths and Bio and EL + CL stuff tt i need to tackle on..

-chemical analysis
-Periodic table
-acids, bases n salts
-organic chem

-transfer of thermal energy
-general wave properties
-basics: physical quantities, units and measurements
-current of electricity
-electromagnetic wave
-d.c. circuit

-Set language and notation
-circular measure
-permutations and combinations
-Further integration
-Relative velocity
-Do difficult sums on:
1. indices and surds
2. Diffrentiation and e star qs mrs quek told us to do
for prelims


-Transport in flowering plants
-Transport in man
-microorganism and biotechnology
-sexually transmitted disease

-Decision making process
-vivid verbs


The sequence of our exams
26/10 CL
22/10 AMATHS P1
23/10 AMATHS P2
24/10 CHEM P2
25/10 E. GEO.

29/10 EL P1
30/10 EMATHS P2

02/11 PHY P2

05/11 SS

12/11 CHEM P1

13/11 BIO P1

ok... next.... how do i start planning?? hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

finish revising chem in 7 days
every 3 days do1 CL paper & 1 EL paper
finish revising Geo.& SS in 12 days
finish revising amaths in 7 days
finish revising Bio in 7 days
finish revising Phy in 7 days
finish revising emaths in 7 days

The thing is... how do we suck out all e free time to finish all these in such a limited time??
Total time needed= around 50 days


So, i realise i didnt include physics inside... but neither do i wna get a sucky grade... hmm...... how arz? okok... i noe... i'll do phy rev. during recess... my free time... gta gt some lunch boxes then.. lol...

so total time needed= around 43 days

EL is definitely WEAK. gosh. and it's a compulsory paper. shucks. how? Language papers can only improve if u read more, write more, speak more. so, morning must stop toking so much like birds.. and get a good reader plus dictionary.. newspapers would be good right?
then, write a compo/ compre every 3 days after school and ask m. khalid to mark... so tt i can "move gracefully" (as wad he said for e weak EL students, lol), and chirp like birds again with ppl after school.. lol.. maybe i should start listening to 91.3F.M... dun tell me to listen to BBC.. too chim.. i dunch understand la hor.. haha(mr sia Xp)

For chinese, my writing is fairly well.. but compre suck. shall do more compres (same days as EL rev.)

Have to revise Bio after chem.. which im revising recently.. so.. after chem,
then humans,
then i study Bio..

i'm quite stable in A/Emaths now.. but if i stop revising, sure go downhill de... then need EVEN more time to start from scratch again... so have to constantly read through e formulas to prevent...
hence, 15 to 21 Oct is reserved for amaths..
and 22 to 28 Oct is reserved for Emaths..

i'd be left with 3 days for Phy after EMaths paper.. so, how? cheong everything in 3 days?? isit poss.? i think so ba... i mean.. i HOPE so. since i'd b revising phy during recess.. or is there any other mtds so as not to disappoint ms mok?? i feel really guilty to e teachers whom i like but did very badly for their subjs.... but... it's not like.. i want to do badly right? haiz.. sory.. will work harder now.. not tt i didnt work hard for prelims though...

i suddenly have e urge to buy new rubber bands.. shall cut my hair first... my fringe covering my eyes like curtain.. haha.. layer it to become light: ) i luv e mini-toons rubber bands la.. so nice! but my hair too thick... e small rubber bands cant tahan e weight i think... see how after cut hair ba..

ok!:D plans done. shall transfer to microsoft:) bye ppl!

P.S. pls do not mind my posting of these stuffs on e blog.. but it's my blog anw:)


5:33 AM autumn stars*

Monday, September 17, 2007
yo ppl~ im bck AGAIN! haha~ I HAVE BLISTERED TOES:(((( due to playing basketball barefooted! haha.. we had match with a grp of primary sch boys... they were quite arrogant.. y r so many kids like tt? :( i remb i was like tt too when i was young... if not worse... n because of such attitude, led to some unhappy and regretful actions tt i still remb now.. i guess i've got to face ordeals to learn rite? man m i glad tt my sensitiveness to ppl staring(or rather, just LOOKING) didn't gt me into trouble... except a whole load of anger and fierce staring bcks to them... so granny tells another story: once upon a time, there's a bunny hu's super sensitive to ppl looking at her when she was young.. u c those gangsters in e tv shows rite? i noe how they feel when they gt super pissed by ppl looking or staring at them... although it's all ridiculous because it's actually nth much.. lol.. bad girl.. but it's all pAST. :) and i've learnt a great deal from it..

anw., bck to basketball.. liyuan came to join us... initially i was abit worried.. cuz im abit anti- social and uncomfortable.. but later okok le... i owaes tot she's liyan... now thn noe it's actually "liyUan".... kimmy wei arz~~ :)

next.. i think im gna stop blogging and try not to touch e comp for a long period of time from now till O levels... maybe some occasional ones la.. but not so frequent ba:)

I'll really miss blogging! OOOOOO... i just remembered slam dunk.. maybe i'll stop watching for a while.. i've still got e Gidden's book not yet finished... :)

and i think i'll take informal big and formal small... got laminate anot arz?? i wana laminate......

LALALA.. I cant bear to leave e comp...

speaking bout comp, next year i'll get a new laptop! Whee! poly ma.. will need one... :) I wan a BABY BLUE cover de.. with big screen... so cool!:) then i'll download super mario~

i feel so excited... STOP. i better concentrate on O levels first... work hard now so tt won't regret later.. JIAYOU. shall study chem tonight since i've played for e whole day... KAMPATEH PPL!

MEOWW! [for e last time before e next entry which will come late abit...]


warmest wishes,
crappy bunny~ *hophop!*

5:52 AM autumn stars*

Sunday, September 16, 2007
ha... i officially declare my love for giddens 九把刀. his books are so sweet! ahaha..anw. im in a tangle of honey webs.. I dno whether or not i still wna get married if i have a choice.. i always say i dun wna get married... well.. tt's because i have a fear for such commitments in e sense tt im worried tt it'll be a one-way-giving relationship or a game in his eyes.. it's scary... really.. like tt song

傻瓜 我们都一样

傻瓜 我们都一样

i feel deeply into e song....

but who doesnt want a true love? but wad's actually love? maybe i'm too greedy... yes... i think i'm too greedy.. i've gt so many who loves me already..


hey btw im typing in e dark.. haha... cuz mum's slping and im in e same room.. cuz e modem is there: )


hahaha.... i just saw e funniest emoicon i've ever seen! 5 of them! namely-- nua nua xiu xiu tada d* and elmo.. haha... who noes wad im toking abt? anw ive ady photocopied e emoticons in my head.. haha... so if u see me suddenly laughing out on e streets like siao kia u noe wad happened..... :)


gd nite!


9:13 AM autumn stars*

Saturday, September 15, 2007
and so...... i'm HERE to blog again... horrible me.. i'm supposed to be studying... i only learnt a few new vocabs today..

anw. i went thomson plaza just now.. got some new highlighters and guide books... cost me $33.75~~ since i only got $20 from dad, i forked out another 13.75 from my own wallet.... my heart pain... i feel so empty and weak without tt dear dear 10 bucks in my wallet... i think i need some slam dunk to cheer me ya: )

wow.. i jus realise i blogged 3 times today... noon, afternoon and night... these days i blog so much n i see other ppl's blogs so dead(due to studying), i really feel guilty... but i love blogging.. : )


6:17 AM autumn stars*

man, im guilty. i forgot to switch off e comp and e screen was black so i tot it's off.. till i playful tapped some keys and it brightened again... i was like.. OMG!
but anw. i didnt finish tt test cuz it simply takes too much off my life. life=time=money. LOL. orite shall stop crapping.. my voice going bonkers. i need H2O~~ saying H2O reminds mi of IPW... it's our grp name.. lol.. pardon mi if it's wrong.. haha... anw it's e first time i enjoyed doing IPW e most~~ haha... had so much fun... must go ahgong(aka my client)'s house to play some day after "O" Levels and play e real monopoly since e old one has been discarded.. such regrets..... argh~!


i keep checking my tagboard..... it seems a lil' dead.. *sighs*.......


Where's e navigation for chipmunk's blog arz? i cant seem to find it even when i frantically click around e window... lol... can smebody tell me?

Anw, here's to wish chipmunk... since i cant find her tagboard..


hahas... will wish u again if i come blogging on Mon:)


Tofu guy staring at me as i type again.... hahaha...


3:00 AM autumn stars*

hey peeps.. im surfing net now... doing a art+personality test tt seem to tke a million years to finish... zzZ...

had intended to study EL n CL today... but dno where my dictionary flew... so on comp to use but there's a website on one of e articles tt seemed interesting... so i went to this website... and a chain of irresistible addictions followed. MEOW. tis test thng is just a 20%.. lol.

Yest watched slam dunk until 12 plus night... hahahahahha... CHAO FUNNY sia~
but nt tt poisoned yet... but love it:D shall watch it every tue, thur and sat... lol... a regular dose of laughter to boost my spirit: )

cant wait to gt bck our results.. so anticipating tt i'd rather there's no hols... but i reckon it's for e teachers to mark e papers rather than to celebrate e SYF achievements as wad e sch claims.. lol.. hundreds and thousands of papers to mark can really drive one up e wall.. ha... to think tt i was only considering to become a bio teacher plus sch councellor in e future instead of psychologist... i really dunno.. anw. i found tis thng called positive psychotherapy and positive psychology thng that seems pretty fun~ it's gt smethng to do with happiness and genes and environment thng.. haha... so nice!:D

lalalla.. ok! shall go study: )

P.S.**anw. i realise there's such a thng called "LMAO!" it's like a kou(3) tou(2) chan(2).. can anione tell mi wad it means? lol... thnx..

P.P.S**i think i'll just cut e fringe.. save $$... haha..: )

12:01 AM autumn stars*

Friday, September 14, 2007
ha! so im bck again~ have been looking at other ppl's blogs b4 coming here.. totally forgetting my purpose of using comp--MSN

Decided to visit my Johann Window when i saw and did for huiwen's J.H...
so.. thn i went to search for e URL which was stored inside certain docs in my Micro Wd files.. luckily i remb it's a tourism file.. else i think i won't even fish out e URL till tml dawn.. lol. So i opened.. WOw~ 21 ppl did my window.. haha.. i realise e highest percentage is kind: ) so happy.. haha.. i was hoping tt e highest percentile wont b quiet.. cuz most of mr past yr form teachers comments tt im quiet in my report book.. if u flip thru my r.p., probability of comments being "quiet" would be i guess .. 60%??
please visit: ) and write ur real name.. thx!



I really dun understand what's spinning in her body. isit hypocritism(is there such a word? -.-) or tolerance or wadeva shit? it's really not nice to tok like tt. i shall use bck my normal tone. Anw. as im typing, my neighbour is yelling at his child which is like... P2 or less?? And he is like.. around 5m away and i hear him so loudly. For goodness sake. E child is like...omg so YOUNG and he yelled so loudly tt it shocked and irritated ME fr so far and guess wad's e best thing?? it's nt e first time. -.- (no prizes. lol.)


Hilary Duff's songs are seriously great~
*as i'm typing... he suddenly shouted again. URgh. Thank gdness i'm blessed with a father who doesn't shout at his children like tt.. Anw. i wont listen if i'm shouted at like tt. i'll become emo and rebellious.* i didnt touch tt old tv of mine for so long.. for one moment i tot it's gna become antique. haha~ exagerating.. but seriously i forgot which button is for channel8.... and tt's like obviously so long... maybe a few weeks? im not sure if i can say months.. lol.

Anw. bck to e old topic-- i love Hilary Duff's songs! &98degrees! haha..

anw. e new MSN is confusing yea? i took ard 10 sec to search for e button to change my dp... lol..

MEOW! im tired. going to watch slam dunk.. and as seven says.. i can laugh all i wan.. im in my own house. haha!

hope there won't be and earthquake when i laugh! AHAHAHAHAHA. o0ps.

p.s. priya tot mi how to introduce myself in Tamil language today... so cool! @.@
ha! :D (priya + boonie= lame koala bears... haha! speaking of bears.. i heard tt polar bears will extince in abt 50 yrs time if sad global warming continues like tt.. let's save mama earth by practising 3Rs and loving mama earth!)

6:43 AM autumn stars*

played bball today: )
ya.. i think im still gna flunk chem.. but nw.. there's hope for amaths... lol...i think i'll use bio, amaths, emaths, chinese and combined humanities,and EL for L1R5..


later going to thomson plaza to get some stationarys.. almost used up my high- lighter ink le.. lol.. tml then continue studying.. today break... : )
ppl.. pls don't slack after prelims.. must con't jiayou : )

Anw. e class photo is awww.. so sweet~! haha... i wna get a big and a small one.. but dno which to choose big one..i getting e formal + informal.. maybe big one for informal ba.. : ) (should i get any candid one??) lol..


I wna cut my hair and wna shop for clothes too! lol.. but i guess i should save e shopping money up for prom expanses?? n e hk trip plus hn trip.. speaking bout tt.. e ss trip next fri seems cool too: ) have yet to come up wif qs for e assgn.. :P

well.. tt's all for today~

P.S. i missed my stop just now~ forgot press bell.. haha... but kinda enjoyed e long walk home....... : )

2:46 AM autumn stars*

Thursday, September 13, 2007
yo ppl!
i was studying for e past few hours.. so now i'm here for a break: )
while e blogger was logging in... and lagging.. i played zombie pox and icy tower...
Zombie pox: Throw brains at zombies to make them human again.. at e same time there are other humans ard who cn kana "zombie-tised" if they bump into those free moving zombies.. u can kana zombie-tised too.. and if there's no extra brains ard... GAME OVER. If there's brains lying ard un-used, u can move towards it.. except when u press left key, e character will move right.. opposite direction de.. haha..
Icy Tower-- keep sliding and hopping all e way up e endless tower as e speed increase.. if u drop... GAME OVEr. lol.

But i kna addicted and realise tt it NV ends. that's why u cn gt addicted... TERRIBLE. So i made a firm decision and DELETED e 2 games in e comp. I can do something more constructive and meaningful with e time.. yea?? Unless it's Super MArio.. then maybe i won't delete...

stomach grumbling!


P.S. TmR last day of PRELIMS!!!!!! WOOHOO*********!!!
note: i think im flunking chem... npe.. Im SURE im flunking chem... only a matter of how severe.. lol.. have mentally prepared myself if mdm leau comes to "talk" wif mi.. lol.


6:53 AM autumn stars*

Monday, September 10, 2007
ha! today's a bluey bright day right after e rain!:D i got soaked 1/3 this morning... very unexpected sudden STORMY.. lol..

But afternoon is bright and cloudy! yaY!

plus lots of laughter accompanied but angela and pan wei bo's kuai le chong bai, maroon 5's This Love... it's ecstacy! lol! i smiled at a fly flying by... hahaha..

alright:) physics was damn easy.. but i dno how to do! crap! when i anyhow study.. give me easy papers.. i study hard, give me super duper hard paper???! lol... nvm~

just hope tt chem can pass.. and bio can be flying colours:)

This is e first time (or isit?) that i feel so insecure bout chinese... i was too depressed to face chinese paper again.. so stressed myself up... i think i kinda screwed it up... haiz.

hmm... i better go take a nap and study soon...

later~! :)

10:52 PM autumn stars*

Sunday, September 09, 2007
Vanessa from High School Musical2 is such a disappointment...E Disney's gna terminate her contract for High School Musical3... but.. it wouldn't be e same without her.. yea?
I reckon tt stupid nude photo of her was for zac(her bf) or else wad?. Well.. if it's their own private business.. who can interfere? but now it's circulated all over e web.. good gracious...She was supposed to be a "good role model" for e younger audiences which comprises of primary school kids to high school students... But now to think of it, who would want their nude photo to be seen by any others, other than perhaps their own mate? though it was quite a stupid action, i think she's learnt e hard lesson... e results is defame.. However.. ppl who throw comments like "There goes her career! LOL!" or "lol That is funnyyyyyyyyy lol Stupid ass u was alaready a nobody but after Disney get finished wit cha you will be a nobody wit no money lol"-- (i got this fr e net while checking if her contract is really busted)

Why in e world would they like.. REJOICE over her R.I.P. career?? these ppl are not any better. at least she tried to maintain an example for e young viewers b4 e photo got pinned up... And i'm sure she won't be so stupid to send out tt photo.. these ppl doesnt noe how to forgive.. they just keep criticising and comparing and sniggering around about vanessa's gone-downhill career.. As if these ppl r setting an example by crapping around with crude comments..

gd gracious..................*

5:15 AM autumn stars*

Saturday, September 08, 2007
rode by to say HELLO!

haha... lame me:)

8:04 PM autumn stars*

Friday, September 07, 2007
Yay.. sis bought CLEO.. i paid 2 bucks for it.. haha..

anw. e main purpose here.. is to apologise to Lizah, Amy, Liern n e others at e Mac.. Sory!!!
accidentally spilled lii's milo due to my "chor lor" action... :P then milo spilled onto lizah's school shoe plus Amy's bag, e floor, chair, and my amaths file.. created such a messs... will be more careful next time! sory! Thy will provide free washing service if u wan.. and if really really really cnot wash off e stain.... CHOYCHOYCHOYCHOYCHOY.. then please look for me.. i'll use detergent and bleach to wash first.. then if cnt then i pay yall.. haiz..

zzZ... i was thinking just nw... i didnt go for e 2 phy lessons.. i think ms mok might be mad.. argh..n tt's when she finds out tt i havent even touch physics.. thus, no qs yet to ask her at remedial... :PpPpPP
u noe wad..... i just read a chinese book... it's based on a real life story... it featured a man tt could continue smiling and remained happy& peaceful despite being half paralysed on bed due to illness, till his v last breath.....
i feel so ashamed of myself for my tantrums, be it when i'm healthy or sick... okok... i shall learn and change... starting from now... Thy shall learn to be patient and more understanding towards others.. and be more cheerful.... cannot continue to commit such stupid, unworthy mistakes, since i noe i'm wrong.... ppl.. i'll try v hard.. but i ain't no saint.. pls dun expect big changes in e blink of an eye...

i'm blogging despite e time which is 12:21a.m. now... hHahaa....

gd nite!

P.S. today "played" piano with jiayi in school... it's fun! lousy me cn only play tiny bit.. jiayi's gd with forbidden love starting part...but still has some room for improvement... chipmunk stood beside us to watch:) i wna learn and play piano soon!!!

-Slamdunk is cute:D + super funny:D

9:12 AM autumn stars*

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Dinner was yummy-licious, finger licking good! haha.. Wasnt some 山珍海味(which i do not fancy) but just some home-cooked food tt i wrapped in seaweed to eat.. haha.. jap style.. followed by e lonely strawberry cake tt sat in my fridge for 2 days... i hope i wont b poisoned.. lol.. and ice cream! hehehe...

Anw. i'm speaking to yueling on phone now.. hahaha... :)
k i'm bck.. i really hope most of us cn make it on e tue when yanting comes bck.. haiz...i do wan 2 c her smile and laugh and feel cosy cosy with everyone, just like b4... but i guess... apparently not la.. linghui n zhaoxuan cnt make it, i dont have siting's contact.. so we're left with me, yueling, qiying, maureen... isit enough? only 4 out of 8 cn make it... or should i change e date? haiz..

well.. i almost forgot my purpose for using comp..
it's to wish e September... autumn babies HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To-- Shi Heng, Zhi Qiang, My Mum, BAO........ anymore??

Let's continue.. i think i really lack regular exercising.. no wonder i so weak.. i saw ppl learning akido.. like so fun! haha! cn imagine mi doing kungfu martial arts ma?? HoR!**(kicks leg...)
haha..i guess i'm more suitable for piano.. :D

Jiajia sae she noes hw to play forbidden love.. sounds so familiar... cool neh!:)) i only noe how to play a small part of minuet, with one hand.. :) cn do better de!! pianos...... wait for me~~~


Gosh.. i realise i'm super lame.. but cant blame myself... i live and work with several lamers.. :P

lalala.... today is brring COLD... but not so cold compared to yesterday... anw. i SO feel like reading CLEO... my eyes keep searching for CLEO when i walk past e mag booth in bishan interchange near j8... CLEO!!!!!!!!!!!!


6:38 AM autumn stars*

Sunday, September 02, 2007
Yest was my sweet sixteen bday! cant believe it. time flies so quickly.. soon we'll b taking O levels and moving on from secondary school.. jiayou ppl~
Many of us are choosing polytechnic... maybe we can all go Ngee Ann Poly. if there's suitable course there? then we cn stick tgt:DD

Recalling e past, i realised both my primary school and secondary school is divided into half in e sense tt both my lower pri n lower sec life is mostly filled with painful lessons whereas my upper pri and upper sec life is filled with smiles and laughter, occasionally accompanied by sadness..

But i am still a lucky girl aint i? to meet my friends in 4A and C.O.. love yall lots!:))
though sometimes we feel e utmost pain tt seem to pierce through our heart mercilessly.. when it is over, we realise.. we have once again survived e ordeal and obstacle and matured from it all..Perhaps sometimes e wound will tke sme time to heal, e scar may nv b gone.. but it sets as a reminder for us not to inflict e same kind of pain on others since we noe hw much it actually hurts... but it's owaes easier said than done isnt it? yea?

I'm learning.. and still learning.... and i'll nv stop learning... :)

i'm sory if i ever hurt anyone with my words or actions... hope u'll forgive me if u read this.. I guess i was too petty n childish when i did so...

sapphire sapphire dreams and desires...

I shall not be angry so easily and learn to accept e others though i'm rather impatient at times...

though i've said this line perhaps countless times.. i'll nv give up.

Whee* go eat dinner le! Buaiz!~~~~~~~~~

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10/01/2004 - 11/01/2004
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11/01/2005 - 12/01/2005
12/01/2005 - 01/01/2006
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06/01/2006 - 07/01/2006
07/01/2006 - 08/01/2006
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12/01/2006 - 01/01/2007
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